Thursday, 24 January 2013

Application for small business owner

This is a basic application which is a must have app for each small business owner. Our clients calls it a Dollar generating app! ‘My Sales Dialer’ is a powerful, simple and effective unified Sales/Campaign tool for making automated outbound calls and reaching out using SMS and Email. 

It is a disruptive, powerful technology, simple and effective tool for making automated outbound calls. 

It is an ideal tool for 
* Sales and Marketing Professionals
* Small Business owners
* Outbound Sales (Telemarketing)

It is very intuitive and easy to use. No expensive hardware is required. No technical knowledge is required.

It can be used for fund raising, political and pro active customer Service campaigns. 

‘My Sales Dialer’ offers following main features that will increase productivity.

1) Managed through online reporting system.
2) Ability to create multiple outbound campaigns fast and easy. 
3) Ability to import Contact Lists from either Google Contact Groups (Cloud) or .CSV files.
4) Ability to Suspend, Activate or Delete campaigns.
5) Place calls to contacts in either Preview dialing or power dialing mode. 
6) Built in Do Not call capability to prevent calls to phone number in application’s do not call list. 
6) Ability to configure maximum attempts for each contact. 
7) Caller can reschedule contact by one click to be dialed in 15 minutes or in 1 hour or in 1 day. 
8) Caller can capture call outcome and add notes at the end of each call. 
9) Built in report that shows progress for each campaign.
10) Ability to export contact results to CSV file.

•Preview dial
Caller can view contact information and get him or her familiar with the contact info. Then caller pushes a button and the call is placed from his Android phone. 
•Power dial
the dialing starts automatically and calls will be placed one after another. The application settings determine the pause between displaying the contact info and dialing. This setting can be configured by the caller.

Please try the ‘My Sales Dialer’ Power Dialer to try creating campaigns, report and do not call list etc.

Tested with VoIP MY SALES DIALER such as LinPhone and My SalesDroid.

And now with the online reporting system; MY SALES DIALER can be monitored and managed from one remote place and operation can be done around the world! 


Pretty Simple, by following these steps: 

  1. Register at 
  2. Register all your tele-service agents in your account and get their phones
  3. validated through SMS verification (Your agents could be at any part of the world)
  4. Have your agents purchase My Sales Dialer android app
  5. They can see the training video to effectively use the app
  6. You distribute the calling lists to your agents (each could be assigned separate lists, or one list depending upon your preference)
  7. Let them work and sync the data from their app and you can see their progress report and share with your clients right from the dashboard!

We offer 30 days free trial with no upfront credit card requirement.

You can always call us at 510-713-9900 x 111 for more information on how to get started!!


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